Your Next Great Spiritual Practice - Spirit Farm
Here is your next great spiritual practice:
Do one thing at a time.
Multi-tasking is a myth. Multitasking is actually micro-tasking, splintered bursts of less-than focus on a an array of activities, disorganized and enslaved to the tyranny of the urgent and next shiny thing. Micro-tasking steals your power and concentration. It robs your efforts of their depth, dissociating you from the larger connected movement of God through you.
Just do one thing at a time.
Do it as “an act of worship”, or in reverent alignment with the greater good, your participation in God’s plan for today.
Your best gifts to others will come from the depth of your still, surrendered, peaceful and aware creativity. No matter the task.
Everything that needs to be done will be done. Especially if you surrender to this moment, this task, this person, this assignment, this opportunity.
Be here. All the way here.
Give your best gifts–present, aware, intentional.
Thank you for what you do 🙂