The Darkness Has Not Overcome - Spirit Farm
Light vs Dark. A tale as old as time.
Struggle, challenge, hardship… Reminders that Dark is persistent. And yet, Dark is never victorious.
It might look like the Dark is winning, or that Light is late. But then the dawn. The long night always gives way and the glow of hope shines over the lonely horizon. Again. Every. Time.
Yes, darkness. Yes struggle, and the sting of defeat.
Darkness is never the end. Light is coming to scatter and send darkness running. It can’t stay. It’s immersed in Light to the point where you can’t tell where Darkness was, only that Light has come.
Don’t give up, give in or lose hope. It’s almost morning.
Mourning to dancing. Loss to new beginnings. Brokenness becomes the mosaic of beauty.
Pick your head up and smile, as Light shines on you, and on your way forward.