The Battle for the Mind - Spirit Farm

“The mind is like an iceberg; it floats with one-seventh of its bulk above water.” —Sigmund Freud

Every action starts in the mind.

There was a study done with two basketball teams that were considered to be of the same skill level and experience. The two teams had played each other in the past and the games were always close, with both teams winning equally as often. In the study, they were set to play each other again but this time they were to prepare very differently.

Team One practiced in the gym every day for a week leading up to the game. Team Two didn’t practice at all. Instead, they went into a classroom and just talked about how they were going to beat the other team. They went through their plays in their minds. They pictured themselves sinking baskets, making passes, and playing great defense. They conditioned themselves to win the game, but only mentally. They didn’t pick up a basketball all week.

The outcome? Team Two—after practicing only in their minds for a week—beat Team One convincingly. The next time, the experiment was reversed, but the outcome was the same. The team that spent the week preparing mentally outperformed the team that only practiced physically.

Our minds are mysteriously powerful.

Consider all the things that cross your mind on a daily basis. The National Science Foundation suggests that the average person thinks about 12,000 thoughts per day. A deeper thinker might have up to 50,000 thoughts daily.

The natural question is: What are you thinking about? Are those thoughts pushing you into the future you want, or are they deterring, distracting, and discouraging you?

Our minds have incredible power. They govern our thoughts, our attitudes, our perspectives, and our approach to any given situation. It makes sense that we would protect our minds. It also makes sense that we would want to prepare our minds to serve us, and to stay healthy for life.


What situation or environment in your life would benefit from more mental preparation?


Could you use a mental DETOX?


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