Sneak Peak: Freedom from Fear, Anxiety & Overwhelm Webinar - Spirit Farm

If you haven’t yet set up a call with me but you’re interested in knowing more about the coaching program that addresses things like:

– Fear (all our negative feelings come back to fear)
– Anxiety
– Overwhelm
– Frustration
– Burnout



Here are some of the key points:

• The Step-by-Step gameplan to kill fear/anxiety/overwhelm in 60 Days without becoming a monk.

• Why obsessing about personal growth will make you MORE anxious and how you can find true confidence, courage and peace starting today.

• The secret to increase energy, passion and clarity and how you can become a better leader–at work and at home.

• How our clients sleep better without meds or alcohol and the secret to a simplified life that makes it happen practically overnight.

• How your relationships improve dramatically when you stop anxiously trying to fix them.

• AND, how we do all of this while helping you connect with your true, authentic self and your Creator.

No catch. Totally free. And you’ll know after watching if you want to schedule a call to discuss coaching.

Grace + Growth,