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Inspiration for today’s spiritual growth and overall healthier living: BODY, MIND, HEART, SOUL.

Podcasts For Your Personal Growth

Caleb Anderson interviews amazing people that offer fresh insights and unique perspectives for a more fulfilling life. Plus, teachings that celebrate inclusive grace and wholistic growth, helping you connect with your true self, your Creator, and your community. If you’re looking for purposeful personal development, Caleb will be your guide and Spirit Farm will move to the top of your playlist.

Could you use some encouragement in your life? How about insight from inspiring people doing good in the world? We bring you good people, guided by their spirits but not weighed down by the categories of religion.


This is refreshing spiritual growth and personal development with soul.

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About the Host, Caleb Anderson

Caleb Anderson is a former pastor, certified life coach, Division I athlete and Team Captain, a big brother and a father. Caleb uses from counseling techniques, coaching motivation, as well as inspirational interviewing and mentorship skills.

“Not only does Caleb articulate complex concepts in an accessible way, he is an expert in helping others navigate change in a way that leads to ongoing progress.”

– Jordan Lynch (36)


Caleb Anderson