Mastermind groups with Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Leaders, and Pro Athletes


We know that it can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, yet there are few others with whom you can relate or depend. That’s why we offer the “Inner Circle” – A Spirit Farm Mastermind experience. Find your few. Enjoy the year-long journey of depth in relationship with like-minded and impressive new friends who “get it”.

Cost includes three (3) private, first-class retreats hosted by Caleb Anderson and other high-impact contributors.

Apply to join an Inner Circle Mastermind group:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs (large organizations)
  • Leaders (all spheres)
  • Pro Athletes

If you are hungry to grow while still moving toward health and wellness in your life, you might be one of us. If you have an internal drive for more and want friendships with other achievers seeking to balance health and hustle, this may be your tribe. If you’re looking to feel closer to God while still being real and true to yourself, we get it.


In the “Inner Circle”, you can expect to…

  • Learn from “successful” people who are also experiencing increased fulfillment and peace.
  • Learn best practices in self-management.
  • Elevate your view of yourself. Refine your view of God and personal spirituality.
  • Be challenged to make your mark and change the world for good.
  • Enjoy a group of trusted advisors–like a personal board of directors for your life – who can help you navigate tough decisions and challenging circumstances.
  • Be held accountable by the Circle to be the person you want to be and do the things you want to be doing.

For us, “accountability” means calling each UP, not calling each other out.

We are committed to encouragement and helping each other move closer to our God-given potential and making the most of the time and talents we’ve been given while still enjoying the gift of today.


Fill out this short application and join the Waitlist for the start of the next 12-month session.

About the Instructor, Caleb Anderson

Caleb Anderson is a former pastor, certified life coach, Division I athlete and Team Captain, a big brother and a father. Caleb uses from counseling techniques, coaching motivation, as well as inspirational interviewing and mentorship skills.

“Not only does Caleb articulate complex concepts in an accessible way, he is an expert in helping others navigate change in a way that leads to ongoing progress.”

– Jordan Lynch (36)


Caleb Anderson