Courses that make your life better & make you better at life


Spirit Farm is committed to bringing you high-quality teaching by authentic and likable experts from an array of industries/specialties to help you live well – whole, healthy, purposeful and effective.

Courses that make your life better and make you better at life!

30 Days of Mindfulness

A Path to Inner Peace and Outward Progress

Life to the Whole

Learn how to integrate your body, mind, heart, and soul and enjoy a fulfilling life as you go and as you grow.

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About the Instructor, Caleb Anderson

Caleb Anderson is a former pastor, certified life coach, Division I athlete and Team Captain, a big brother and a father. Caleb uses from counseling techniques, coaching motivation, as well as inspirational interviewing and mentorship skills.

“Life has a way of bringing us to certain forks in the road. My biggest mistakes have come from choosing a path on my own. I need people with wisdom and life experience like Caleb who are so graciously willing to pour into my life.”

– Pete Wilson (46)


Caleb Anderson