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Founding Members

Founding Members Special

My team and I are preparing to launch a Whole Life Training program for outside Life Coaches through Spirit Farm. But for this one moment in time, we have created an exclusive Founders Group, and you are invited to apply to be coached by me, personally, 1 on 1!.

Space is limited to only 20 Founding Members, so claim your spot now!

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Feel closer to God, experience inner peace and enjoy a healthier + happier life.

Coaching with Spirit Farm can take two different forms.

Option A

Live Group Calls with Caleb Anderson (and friends)

As part of our standard “Personal Growth” subscription, you get to participate in monthly live calls with Caleb. He’ll offer an advanced teaching on the theme for the month, answer questions from the community, plus coach on best practices for breaking through barriers and bringing about the life changes you’re looking for.

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100% Satisfaction guarantee
Live Group Calls
Caleb Anderson
Option B

Private Coaching, 1-1 calls

Boost your growth, self-confidence and overall wellness by regularly talking to a Spirit Farm certified Holistic Life Coach. Buy 10 calls as part of our Private Coaching Package.

*Additional calls are $200/call.
**With the Private Coaching package you also get the ability to TEXT your coach via the Spirit Farm App as much as desired. (Spirit Farm App coming soon!)

Schedule your FREE Introductory Call to learn whether 1 – 1 coaching is right for you!

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100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Satisfaction guarantee

To explore whether 1-1 coaching is your best next step.

Life Coaching + Performance Coaching + Spiritual Direction

All-In-One Coaching For The Whole Of Life:

Consolidate your coaching relationships and get focused on what matters most. When you engage your soul, your heart becomes more healthy, your mind more clear, and your body gains energy..

…Because personal development is spiritual growth, and spiritual growth is personal development.

Over the span of 10 calls, you’ll see and feel…

  • Less anxiety, more peace: You can chase your dreams while still enjoying inner peace.
  • Increased confidence and connections: God, others, and your unique self.
  • Whole life wellness: Body, Mind, Heart, Soul.
  • Faith and wisdom: Personal growth coaching built on God’s grace, love and design for your life.
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About the Instructor, Caleb Anderson

Caleb Anderson is a former pastor, certified life coach, Division I athlete and Team Captain, a big brother and a father. Caleb uses from counseling techniques, coaching motivation, as well as inspirational interviewing and mentorship skills.

“Caleb was instrumental in helping me lean into my personal convictions, desires. He helped strengthen my confidence in ways I did not think were possible. Because of the time spent with Caleb, my goals and career path came into focus and I became clear on my next steps, while also finding great clarity in the person I am today and who I want to be in the future.”

– Kaycee D (37)


Caleb Anderson