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“Life is but a mass of habits. . . systematically organized for our greatness or grief.” —William James

You’ve heard of “rehab”—or rehabilitation. It’s a place we go when an injury, addiction, or depression digs a hole for us and we need help to get out. Think, for example, of a famous football player who begins his season with such excitement and optimism about the year, only to step into a diving defender during the first quarter of the first game, tearing his knee in several places. That player is finished for the season. In fact, he’ll spend the entire year in rehab trying to build his knee back to the state it was in before the hit.

Prehab is the opposite. Where rehab is after the fact—getting us back to where we were—prehab is preventative and progressive. Prehab is about building strength and health so that you don’t need rehab.

When you’re prehabbing you’re preparing. You’re anticipating challenges ahead. You’re getting yourself—and keeping yourself—in a posture to maintain health and overcome obstacles.

Prehab leads to sustainability.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that they would get into shape if they had a goal or event or contract (like a professional athlete) to drive them. That’s a cop-out. That’s like saying you won’t ever pray because you’re not a professional minister. Or you won’t process your feelings because you’re not a paid counselor. That’s being short-sighted. And it’s yourself that you’re selling short.

We all have the capacity to build habits into our lives to sustain health. And while short-term goals are good tools, we can’t use the excuse that there’s nothing to motivate us. Shouldn’t longevity of health, happiness, and effectiveness be enough?

If nothing’s motivating you toward a healthier life these days, it’s time for you to develop a new motivation. Try these affirmations to get you going:

1. Physically, I want to have more energy, wake up alert, and exercise four days a week.

2. Mentally, I want to identify my negative thoughts and intentionally replace them with empowering truths, morning and night.

3. Emotionally, I want to train myself to forgive quickly and maintain a confident posture in every new situation.

4. Spiritually, I want to pray a prayer of gratitude and look for someone else I can serve every day.

The habits above do not guarantee fame and fortune. But they will begin to build sustaining health and happiness into your life. And that’s the kind of fortune that pays the best and biggest dividends.

Happy prehabbing . . .


Choose one of the four affirmations above—or write your own—and focus on it this week. Write it down; tape it to your mirror. Determine that it’s really what you want and then take steps toward it.

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