MLK - Spirit Farm

Martin Luther King is one of the most celebrated heroes in American history—black, white, or otherwise—leading nonviolent civil rights action toward equality. King was assassinated and became larger than life. Yet he was both a worthy hero, and a vulnerable human. King was another example of an imperfect person trying to follow the whisper in his soul.

Despite his incredible intellect, he was found to have plagiarized much of his doctoral dissertation.

Though he was faithful to his difficult civil rights calling, he was unfaithful in marriage.

A national hero, he was also investigated by the FBI and accused of being friendly toward communism.

Hero and human. Like the rest of us.

Don’t let guilt, shame, or blame keep you from joining this movement or leading the next. Follow the whisper in your soul and take radical action for the sake of others.

We need more messy leaders to have beautiful dreams.