Manger Moments - Spirit Farm

Away in a manger…Away, like out of the way. Like removed from the action. Forgotten. Overlooked. Unspecial.And in the manger, a miracle.Which is the thing about manger moments… You just never know. Or do you?What if, hidden in every moment, there is a gateway to the God? And manger moments are just uncomfortable enough to get our attention.I bet we can learn to look for miracles in unexpected, mundane, messy, and even painful moments.Because every moment is a miracle.Like sitting in the drive-through at In-n-Out. Or putting in that extra hour of work to get to the next level. Or pausing to look at the art in the sky. The voice of the friend. The gift you weren’t expecting. Even the terrible inconvenience or hurtful reality you’re walking through.Manger moments. Regular moments. Miracles you least expected.Merry Christmas! And may you make the most of every (manger) moment.