Lessons from Cold Water - Spirit Farm

“When we embrace the cold, this is when magic happens.” – Wim Hof

How do you feel about cold water? Most of us generally avoid it. Some embrace it–not because they’re crazy (or are they?), but because they are recovering from soreness, or they’ve decided to do something difficult and train their brain to fall in line. Overcoming discomfort while thrusting themselves into the present moment–dependent on the awareness of their breath.

All good things. Wanna try?

Either way, here’s my point:

When I’m convincing one or more of my kids to jump into cold water with me, I’m trying to help them learn the following…

When the decision is made, stop thinking and just take action.

When you have verified that the spot is not too shallow, nor is it infested by crocodiles–in other words, you’re going to live–then, stop thinking and go.

Your mind is committed to keeping you safe, and thus will always default to comfort.

And comfortable is working against your growth.

Cold or not, stop thinking. Decide and do.