Healthy 'err - Spirit Farm

If you think you’re healthy, you’re probably not.

Healthier than you were? Awesome! Healthier than them? Probably not.

Just the comparison process already drags us back into “unhealth.” So don’t play the game.

We compare ourselves to others in search of external validation—and it never satisfies us. Even when we don’t express our judgment, people feel it; and it pushes them away while making us more miserable. When we compare, we lose. Either to insecurity or pride. (And pride is just the arrogant cover-up for insecurity.)

Also, the standards we use aren’t exactly scientific. We’re in our own head, biased and desperate to see what we want to see—what we trained ourselves to see.

Healthy things grow. They don’t try to grow; they just stay connected to their life source and derive blessings from sun, water, and soil. And when you’re connected, life and love have a way of flowing through you and out into the world around you. (See vines and branches.)

Healthy stays connected, and has no need for comparing.