Health is the New Wealth: The 4 Dimensions of Wellness - Spirit Farm

“The first wealth is health.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

You are more than just a body. “Health” means more than just not being sick. Fundamentally, health is about the well-being of your whole self—everything that makes up you—including:

• Physical attributes

• Mental capacities

• Emotional engagement

• Spiritual awareness

All of these things weave together and act as one, making you who you are and giving you your current experience of life as you know it. That’s how you were designed.

A common misconception about health is that it’s primarily about physical disease, weight, or exercise. It’s much more than that. In fact, Webster’s Dictionary defines health as “a flourishing condition: well-being.”

Are you enjoying a state of well-being?

Do you feel like you’re flourishing?


If you’re like me—and like most people—you might feel as though some areas of your life are “flourishing” while others are stagnant or unhealthy. That’s because human beings are highly complex creatures. There is more to you than meets the eye. You have a body. You have a mind. You have emotions. And you have a spirit.

The spiritual awareness part of you—while invisible—suggests to your consciousness that there is more to life than what you see and touch. It reminds you that you have a Maker who has had your unique design in mind all along. Not only that, but He’s given you a reason and a purpose to live.

Your emotional faculties manage your feelings, personal relationships, and interactions with others and with your own self-image. Emotions at their best invigorate and enhance your life. When they are damaged or out of control, they can work to your detriment. That’s why emotional health is an important part of your overall journey.

Your mental capacities make sense of the world around you. Your mind is always engaged—the left brain analyzes and calculates; the right brain senses and reacts. Your body does what your mind tells it to do. Your emotional and spiritual well-being, as well, are very much influenced by what your mind chooses to focus on, and the meaning it assigns to incoming data (events and experiences).

Physical well-being is the most obvious of all because it is visible and tangible—and most people are visually oriented. That’s one reason people are so concerned about the health and appearance of their bodies. And, after all, this body is the only one you get. There’s no new model or replacement if you’re not careful with the one you were given.

It’s All Connected

But the physical connects to the mental, emotional and spiritual. You are one whole person.

That’s why we designed the Spirit Farm Membership to help you build the most important habit in each of the four dimensions of who you are. These are the habits:

· Practice stillness

· Move your body

· Express emotion

· Manage your inputs

And this is the year to think differently—intentionally—about your holistic health.

We’d be honored to join you on your journey. Get a glimpse inside the Membership HERE.