"God is Close" - Spirit Farm Kids | Episode 001 - Spirit Farm
The premiere episode of Spirit Farm Kids! Farmer Caleb, Farmer Hilary, Farmer Aaron, Carl the Cow, & guests have fun down on Spirit Farm while exploring different questions, thoughts & emotions we all experience…and what God has to say about them. In this episode, Carl expresses his worry and fear about the coronavirus and all that’s going on in the world. Through a a sing-a-long with Farmer Aaron, a fun interactive dance by Farmer Hilary (and son Henry), and a message by Farmer Caleb, Carl learns that God is always close and will take care of him no matter what. [3:06 – Song | 6:09 – Dance | 10:34 – Message] Hope you enjoy the show! Please share this episode with friends & family. Post on social with #SpiritFarmKids. To support the on-going work of Spirit Farm with a tax-deductible donation go to spiritfarm.tv and click “DONATE” or directly to givlia.com/g/sf — THANK YOU!