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When you SUBSCRIBE to our standard level membership subscription, “Personal Growth”, you get weekly teaching videos with corresponding discussion questions – designed for group and family conversations.

Life change happens in circles – not in rows. Growth comes as we persevere through struggles – not sermons.

Apply the monthly lessons in real life, in real time and with real humans! We offer discussion questions to take out the guesswork and the homework.

Whether you have a small group from church, an interest group from elsewhere or a family you want to get talking at the dinner table, these questions will spur conversation and help you apply life-changing truths to your everyday life.

SpiritFarm Groups
SpiritFarm Groups


Group experience videos and discussion guides

Are you in a group? A small group, Support group, Book club, etc?

✔️ Weekly teachings: 10-20 minutes
✔️ Weekly discussion questions
✔️ Tips for Group leaders


Spirit Farm Weekly Teaching videos are designed to inspire, uplift and encourage you on your spiritual journey. But they are even more powerful when you process them with others (IE: spouse, significant other, small group, dinner party, family…) Start here to understand how we think about groups:

About the Instructor, Caleb Anderson

Caleb Anderson is changing the way people think about Spiritual Growth, Personal Development, and Leadership. He’s a refreshingly authentic and practical Spiritual Guide that communicates in honest and accessible ways for regular people. Caleb leans into the liberating truth that freedom and fulfillment are possible (even for type-A high-performers) when we connect with our humanness (struggles and failures), unlocking our potential and leading to increased purpose and passion. Caleb is an entrepreneur who has started companies, led fast-growing churches and authored multiple inspirational books and courses. If you are open-minded to the simplicity of spiritual growth and daily opportunities to invest in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development then Caleb will be a welcomed encouragement to you.

Caleb Anderson