Excellence + Flexibility - Spirit Farm

Recently, I was speaking at a great church and the audio went haywire. Seemingly out of nowhere, loud noises filled the speakers and wouldn’t stop. The sound tech couldn’t fix it. I stood there, on stage, with a large room of people staring at me, wondering what would happen next.

What’s going wrong?

Will they fix it?

Will Caleb flip out?

Is he rattled?

I tried to make a joke. It was barely funny but everyone laughed because of the tension.

We moved on, without sound amplification. For ten minutes I spoke as loudly as I could. Finally, the sound was reset and kicked back in. My throat was grateful, but I carried on like nothing had happened. Afterward, someone made the comment that she was so grateful that I hadn’t gotten frazzled, nor did I turn any negativity toward the sound booth. Really, it never crossed my mind. The guys back there were doing their very best. It wasn’t negligence. It was a freak deal.

We can’t fall into the trap of turning our discomfort on someone else. It can be lonely when everyone is looking at you, but we’re never alone. There are others behind the scene making what we do possible. Let’s honor their efforts and sacrifice and not take ourselves or the standards too seriously. Shoot for excellence. When something out of your control goes sideways, be flexible. It’s better this way.