Being Known - Spirit Farm
The more we know and accept ourselves, the more our desire to “be known” by someone else shifts from a desperate-entitled-need to an extra-special-bonus-cherry-on-top of self-love and divine inner peace. And that’s when your relationships can flourish.
So get to know you.
I was talking to someone recently who was going off their anxiety meds. They were working through the “brain zaps” that can accompany the wind-down from their particular medicine.
“I want to make sure I can feel all the feelings. I know I can handle it now,” they told me.
They can. And you can. You can handle it, now.
You can sit with yourself and feel all the feelings. Your brain tells you it’s unsafe, but you can do it.
The feelings are not you. You are the eternal soul/spirit, connected to God, who is sealed, safe and secure–watching the circumstances of your life come, go and change. It is well with your soul.
Thoughts and emotions, those are fleeting and don’t need to produce fear.
Perfect love drives out fear. Your soul is resting in perfect love.
So sit with your feelings and watch them pass. Move your mind to more helpful thoughts. And enjoy getting to know yourself. Enjoy being you–beyond your circumstances, challenges and deficiencies.