Anxiety, Mental Health & The Best in the World - Spirit Farm

This past year, the world of elite sports has given us a public service announcement. The message:
Anxiety is crippling, mental healthy is deteriorating and something must be done.
Michael Phelps started an organization dedicated to metal health.
Naomi Osaka stood up for herself and opted out of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world—in her prime, and while ranked #2 in the world.
Simone Biles sat out of the Olympics—events in which she’d literally been training 5 years and was assumed to DOMINATE and claim all the gold medals.
Aaron Rodgers vocalized his increasing awareness of and commitment to mental health, following his MVP season in the NFL.
These are four people who are or have been the very best at what they do. And, obviously, the list go on…
These sports heroes are holding up a mirror to our nation with respect to mental health. They are a product of our obsession with performance, and greatness, and fame. Accept that they actually hit all the targets, reached all the platforms, won all the trophies and they are speaking up about the cost. And the message is clear:
“It’s not worth it.”
Or, better put,
“Nothing is worth sacrificing your own well-being.”
Are you getting the message? Are you paying attention?
Sure, there will continue to be people who spout things like,
  • “You’re paid too much to complain”
  • “We should not celebrate a quitter”
  • “Whine all the way to the bank”
…And other ignorant things. Just consider the source. We have the very best in the world saying, “I can’t… It’s not worth it… my health trumps my entertainment value.” And their choices are costing them actual millions of dollars. I think they’ve earned the right to speak up about their own health versus performance.
And we should be listening.
Here, I thought about going into stats and research, but I don’t really care. I care about YOU.
  • How’s your mental health?
  • How are you sleeping?
  • How is your joy… your peace… your self-confidence?
Are you enjoying your gift of life, or is it passing you by while you anxiously stew in what-ifs and maybe-whens?
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