A Little Goes a Long Way - Spirit Farm
“If you have faith the size of a mustard seed,” you can tell your biggest obstacle to move and it will get out of your way. It’s been there long enough, hasn’t it?
“Jesus seems to be saying that if even one mustard seed is sprouting, or one coin found, or one sheep recovered (see Luke 15)—that is reason enough for a big party! Even a small indicator of God is still an indicator of God—and therefore an indicator of final reason, meaning, and joy. A little bit of God goes a long way.”—Richard Rohr
Optimism expects tomorrow to be better than today. And optimism is great. But faith is more. Faith celebrates today, this moment, for the miracle that already is.
“When you pray, believe you already have what you’re asking for.”—Jesus
Pull what you think you want in the future into the present moment, aligned with God’s design. There is no “future,” only a series of right nows.
Enjoy the right now. Thank God. Live like the person who has that request granted. See what happens. Better, be what happens. Live the way the person lives who receives good gifts from God.
You only need a seed of faith.
A little bit of God goes a long way.